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March 28 2018

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E.T. Ranch, Book, True Stories

Book Summary
Book Summary - This book is based on real life events experienced by my family and I while living on E.T. Ranch. Conspiracy theories, strange events and facts all brought together on one property appropriately named E.T. Ranch. The author recalls the curious-and often bizarre-true stories he acquired over his five year stay on what was supposed to be a forever homestead.  This is a fictional account of true life experiences of strange events happening (quite often) with no rational explanations.
The story chronicles a wide variety of experiences, such as UFO’s, abductions, mutilations, secret underground bases, missing people and a variety of heart-stopping exposés.  This is a well-rounded work that contains balanced information and details of highly strange events from many sides.
This book pulls you down a dark and twisting rabbit-hole of Public & Military -Industrial Deceptions. It all started with a backyard sinkhole. Contains many true stories of unexplained mysteries that have no logical explanation.  This story unwinds into the "Grandfather" of All Conspiracy Theories regarding Ufology, E.T. and beyond.
Steeped in facts this book is an expose of truths most people prefer not to hear.  There will be many who will discard any and all notions of the happenings at E.T. Ranch as remotely possible. It is however, a manifest of the Four Corners Midwestern extraterrestrial events. The book leaps past reality straight into an E.T. agenda being played out upon Earth.

Events talked about in book- My country home and the strange events associated with it such as - UFO’s, Underground Military Bases, Bigfoot, Sinkhole, Skinwalkers, Underground noises, Abductions, Animal & Human Mutilations, bolt hole, etc.
Conspiracy theories such as -  Men in Black, Chemtrails, Space Fleet, Subterranean Underground Travel, Off-world military bases, Alien Life, Other Societies, Disclosure Agendas, Advanced Technologies, Strange areas i.e. San Louis Valley, Route 66, Bermuda Triangle, etc.

Author Website = http://www.RonaldHudkins.com
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17 Year Old Ginger - BLOWS Amy Winehouse's - Valerie THROUGH THE ROOF!

Sam's rendition of "Valerie" by Amy Winehouse at her last high school Caberet. I can't believe that this is her last year of high school, and off to college in September. She has come a long way in her stage presence and confidence. So proud and can't wait to see what life has for her in store... correction. What legacy is she going to leave. Watch out world.

March 25 2018

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K-BIRD & Black Static new single

Colorado Baby!!
New anthem for the state colorado

March 22 2018

This|Aforementioned|Already stated|Here|Previously mentioned

March 20 2018

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Keep Your Home,Business and Your Car Safe With Locksmith Solutions From ACR Master Locksmith!

Protect your property with locksmith services from A.C.R Master Locksmith, based in Charlotte,NC and Surrounding Area . Our company provides locksmith services for Automotive,Commercial and Residential! CALL NOW AT:(704)441-5621 OR visit Our Website :http://acrmasterlocksmith.com/

March 16 2018


Spiritual Expert Hosting a Live Online Event to Help People Begin Their Soul Path

For Immediate Release: Malina Havard, the renowned spiritual expert and owner at A Mystical Creation by Mo will be hosting a live online event where the people will have a chance to begin their spiritual journey immediately. The highly anticipated event will be held on 21st April, for which the e-tickets are currently available. More information regarding the tickets can be found over at the official event page: http://bit.ly/2pbeWio.

Also known as Mo, the 'Human Activator', Malina specializes in advanced Spiritual services and sessions that she has developed herself. For her upcoming event, she will perform several sessions that will set the recipient onto their own path as a spiritual being in a safe, easy to receive, effective way. Everyone who attends will receive these activations and sessions.

The offerings available in the sessions include:
•    The 6 Higher Chakra Activation Session
•    Mo's Own Chakra Balance/Cleanse Activated Healing session
•    Healing Vortex
•    Meridian Flush 1 & 2
•    The Aura Cleanse & Expansion Activation session
•    Mo's Own Running the Colors Life Improvement Strategy Activation session

According to Malina, “The benefits for these sessions are far too many to list.” According to the spiritual expert, “These sessions deliver all that you need, the results are in the sessions that I deliver, there is nothing to read, no training, it's fully self contained and unfolds for you, into your being and then reflects out into your life and circumstances, with time, upon delivery of the intent for the session, the benefits are all yours.”

Needless to say, those who are looking to begin their spiritual journey on a high are highly recommended to attend the session.

About Malina Havard
Malina Havard is a spiritual expert and owner of A Mystical Creation by Mo, which specializes in advanced spiritual services and sessions.

Contact Information
Twitter: AMCbyMo
Facebook: Malina Havard
Website: A Mystical Creation by Mo

March 14 2018


Chief Executive Officer

Synchronizing Google contacts with Easy2Sync for Outlook 9.12

The popular Outlook synchronization software Easy2Sync for Outlook was released in the new version 9.12 and is now compatible to Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 (32 and 64 bit).

Rommerskirchen, Germany - March 13, 2018: ITSTH has published the new version 9.12 of the Outlook synchronization software Easy2Sync for Outlook. The new version improves the sync of Outlook with Google Contacts/Calendars.

Software overview:

Easy2Sync for Outlook is the award-winning program to sync Microsoft Outlook. It automatically recognizes any changes in e-mail, contact, calendar item, note or task and replicates this change to the respective other computer. This makes it perfect for synchronizing PCs, laptops and/or Exchange folders as well as Google Contacts and Calendars. In addition to synchronizing, the software can also create backups, delta backups or merge multiple calendars into one team calendar.

===Pricing and Availability===

Easy2Sync for Outlook 9.12 runs under Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, 2003 and XP and costs $49 (USD) for a home edition license and $79 (USD) for a business edition.

===About IT-Services Thomas Holz===

Founded in 1999, IT-Services Thomas Holz is a privately held software company focused on developing tools for synchronization and development of interactive websites. For nearly a decade, the company has been upholding its high standards that have attracted a large number of customers both in Germany and from abroad. Find out more at https://www.itsth.de


Press kit with texts, screenshots and boxshots: https://www.itsth.de/en/kontakt/press.php
Product page: https://www.itsth.de/en/produkte/e2s4o.php
Company website: https://www.itsth.de

Postal address: IT-Services Thomas Holz, Pfarrer-Brendgen-Str. 7, 41569 Rommerskirchen, Germany

Contact: Thomas Holz
Company: IT-Services Thomas Holz

March 10 2018

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Kampong Phluk Siem Reap

There is no better way to take a break from temple roving than taking a boat trip to Siem Reap's Floating Village to experience the life of a fishing village and floating market. It is a wonderful change from busy life of towns and cities, the peace and tranquility of this busy but calm place is second to none.

Enjoy the boat ride (fees taken care by us), transport pick up and drop off at your residence, an English-speaking tour guide, and cold water & towels every time you choose to travel with us. We know you’ll love the experience.

February 26 2018


GOP plans to back Ash Shrivastav in congressional election against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

February 23, 2018
San Francisco, California
San Francisco Republican Party plans to put Ash Shrivastav in the ballot against the top Democratic leader in the House.

Nancy Pelosi has represented congressional district 12 for nearly thirty years. Previously, Nancy served as the Speaker of the House in the administrations of George Bush and Barack Obama.  Democrats consider the district safe as it leans heavily democratic. Over 65% of the district’s registered voters are Democrats. The last GOP candidate in 2016 election received 8% of the vote. A young immigrant and a San Francisco resident, Ash Shrivastav is a fresh face in the GOP politics. In early February, San Francisco GOP Chairman Jason Clark approached Mr. Shrivastav to consider running for office. Mr. Shrivastav, who is a Private Equity investor at a middle market impact focused investment firm Buckhill Capital, led series of meetings with his partners to test the initial support and the reaction from the financial community who would be his early backers. It is widely speculated that Mr. Shrivastav will file for his candidacy soon. Mr. Shrivastav has indicated that if he runs for office his campaign’s key issues would be the issues faced by every day San Franciscans. In his blog post, he has expressed dissatisfaction over the widespread drug abuse, homelessness, environmental conditions, safety of citizens and unchecked illegal immigration. He also subscribes to some of the Democratic party’s views such as a need in sentencing reform. While Mr. Shrivastav subscribes President Trump’s views on most of the issues, his campaign would seek common grounds with the opposing party.
Although Ms. Pelosi considers her district safe and does not plan spend her time or campaign’s money in San Francisco, because of the unique background and a fresh face in opposition campaign, it could very well become a race to watch.

February 18 2018

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December 30 2017

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