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November 11 2017


Redesigned Medicare Cards Create Opportunity for New Medicare Scam, Warns Suzanne McClain of National United Medicare Advisors

On April 16th of 2015, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) became public law.  The new law requires all Social Security numbers to be removed from Medicare cards by April of 2019.  The Social Security number will be replaced by a new number on all Medicare cards, called the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI).
According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, preventing identity theft for those with Medicare is the main priority of this bill.  The new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI), is a randomly-assigned number that will be used for most healthcare related transactions.  The MBI will be clearly different than your Social Security number according to CMS.  The MBI will be made up of 11 characters that will contain numbers and upper-case letters; no other special characters will be used.
Health care providers will have a 21-month transition window from April 1, 2018, through December 31, 2019.  During this transition Healthcare providers will be able to legally accept the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) or the Medicare beneficiary’s Social Security Number.
The Department of Justice has reported that seniors 65 and older are increasingly being targeted by identity thieves.  They have reported that incidents of identity theft have increased from 2.1 million in 2012 to 2.6 million in 2014.
This transition already has scammers looking for a new way to rip-off Medicare recipients.  Reuters news service reports that there have been reports of Seniors being called and told that they must pay for their new Medicare card.  The senior was asked for their checking account information and Medicare card numbers according to the report.
The Federal Trade Commission has verified this report and states that “Is someone calling, claiming to be from Medicare, and asking for your Social Security number or bank information? Hang up. That’s a scam.”  According to the FTC, the new Medicare cards will be mailed out automatically, starting April of 2018, and are free to all 57 million Americans on Medicare.

About the Author
Suzanne McClain is a leading Medicare advisor in Columbus, Ohio.  As director of Medicare Sales for National United Medicare Advisors, she has been awarded Front Runner Agent with Aetna for the years 2013 through 2017.  United Healthcare has awarded her Agent level 2 at the Platinum Agent level.  Helping hundreds of clients in the central Ohio area has earned Suzanne the President Club award for Medicare sales in 2015 and 2016.   Suzanne can be reached on social media or through her website.

National United Medicare Advisors
4151 Executive Pkwy Suite 345
Westerville, Ohio 43081

Phone- +1 (614) 448-1834

November 04 2017


My Love is One "The Messiah's Itinerary" Updated and Available on Amazon

"Not since the days of Noah's Ark and Moses on Mt. Sinai have the signs of humanity's fast changing destiny been so clear."

Rochester, New Yok - November 5, 2017 - In light of "beyond normal" erratic weather conditions and rumors of worldwide trumped up elections,
one may wonder what in the world is going on. Wonderment is right. "Make that signs and wonders", says MY LOVE is ONE author LeTicia Lee.

Lee says not since the days of Noah's Ark and Moses on Mt. Sinai have the signs of humanity's fast changing destiny been so clear to those paying attention.
She says the earth's birth pangs and world revisions are all foretold in the bible. Lee says she learned about earth's history
and future during numerous divine visitations.

The publisher, SoRichIam Media, has included recent clarifications and updates to keep the book accurate and informative for the masses.
The updated edition of My Love is One: What I Learned from the Messiah about Love, Family, Climate Change, and the Second Coming
will be available on Amazon http://a.co/cLoie8q as of November 8, 2017.


Miriam Abrams
Public Relations
SoRichIam Media
P.O.Box 20711
Rochester, N.Y. 14602 USA

Music By Independent Bands & Artists Free To Download For Promotional Purposes!

Promoter Box is a recent project by 3000 Records offering free music for promotional purposes. Each sampler album can be downloaded 100% free. There’s no registration or credit card information required. Promoter Box Vol. 24, is now available at http://24.sampleralbum.com

This new music promotion project was designed for people looking for some of the best new music by independent bands and artists. This is a great way to download new music legally, since it is available for the purpose of promoting the bands and artists on the album. With this, music fans can truly benefit by filling up their mp3 player with great independent music at no charge.

Promoter Box Vol. 24 available instantly at 24.sampleralbum.com includes different music from bands and artists from across the globe including Joseph Velvet, RG Dempster and The Patriots, Skye Brooks and Bert Campbell, Terrance Day, Big Maine, G-Black, Juliz, & Kidd Truu.

This sampler album titled Promoter Box Vol. 24 appeals to a wider audience. This free sampler album has been released to provide an opportunity for these talented bands and artists to get their music heard while attracting new fans.

People who are interested in independent music is exactly the audience that Promoter Box reaches. This can make all the differences when it comes to getting new music heard by fans, and getting the music into the hands of music industry professionals.
For music fans, Promoter Box Vol. 24 is free to download for promotional purposes. This newest project organized by 3000 Records makes free promotional music available to over 25,000 blogs, radio DJ’s, and media contacts. This music is also available to over 500,000 fans through social media and email. Additionally, 3000 Records promotes music through advertising it with banners, magazine advertising, RSS feed, social media, text ads, and more.

"We felt it was time to offer music fans a direct way to get new music that is 100% free, and legal. At the same time, we're promoting great music to attract new fans." - Terrance Schemansky, Owner 3000 Records. For more information or to download your copy of Promoter Box Vol. 24 visit http://24.sampleralbum.com and pass it along!


Contact Info.
Terrance Schemansky
3000 Records
P.O. Box 285
Fenton, MI 48430

Ph: (586) 480-3000

Email: press@3000records.com


October 26 2017


Ships Free To USA,Ancheer Folding Electric Bike with Removable Lithium-Ion Battery and Battery Charger

Product description -
100% Brand New.
Brand: Ancheer
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: White
Full Length: 149cm/58.1 inch
Wheel Diameter: 48cm/18.7 inch
Seat Height: 70-113cm/27.3-44.1 inch
Handlebars length: 57cm/22.2 inch
Package Size: 126*32*70cm
Basic information:
Vehicle weight: About 19kg
Battery weight: About 2.2kg
Mileage: 35-70km
Load capacity: 150kg
Maximum speed: 25-35km/h
Type: Mountain Bicycle
Front Fork: High-strength carbon steel comfort shock absorption
Tire: High quality lithium tire
Back Shelf: High-carbon steel high strength simple
Brake system: Front Aluminum Alloy V Brake, Back Electric vehicle brake
Gear shift system: Back 7-speed transmission system
Handlebars: Aluminum Alloy
Lithium battery: 36V
Charger: Smart Lithium battery charger
Motor: 250W high speed brushless gear motors
Saddle tube: Aluminum Alloy Extended seat tube
Meter: 3-speed smart meter button
Headlight: Bright LED headlamp and horn
Front and rear wheels: Double layer Aluminum Alloy wheel
Fender: Roasted silver paint iron Fender
Charging time: 4-6 hours
Features: 1: 1 booster riding, Pure electric riding, Pure human riding
Package Content: 1 x Mountain Bike (with accessory)
Note: Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures, but not the same performance on different bodies as on the model. Thank you!

For more detail - https://www.cndirect.com/product-detail-listing-1362760496.html
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October 25 2017

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Unraveling Health Care Part 2 – Back to Basics of Healing


Health care is a hot topic today. There are escalating costs, insurers pulling out of markets, and huge uncertainty about the direction of medicine. Where are the needs of the patients in all of this turmoil? Are patients really getting the care they need and deserve?


Dr. Rita Kumar has decades of experience dealing with the various aspects of our www.website.com health care system and her international knowledge gives her insight into how health care works in other countries as well. In Time Magazine’s article, “Faith & Healing,” Kumar was quoted as saying, “If physical symptoms are treated without caring for the mind and the soul, the body will die. I believe what we are thinking changes our body. But we must subject mind/body/spirit medicine to the same standards as anything else. We must remember that this is only about healing.”


How those words pierce through the tumult of today’s health care as there are so many competing interests of doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, care givers, regulators, pharmaceutical companies, and a host of other services and products ancillary to health care that all must remember “this is only about healing.” Most of those competing interests seem to forget that the most important aspect of health care is the patients. Health Care has become big business. The growth of the health care industry seems assured as baby boomers are the largest segment of the population and their bodies are breaking down in record numbers. The crisis is on the horizon and may bankrupt our system unless drastic measures are taken to reduce costs and improve results.


Dr. Rita Kumar is ready to usher in the new era in health care where we get back to the basics of treating the entire patient’s needs starting with putting responsibility for wellness back into the hands of the patient. “Each patient must take charge of their own health,” says Kumar. She knows what she is talking about having been diagnosed with her own health issues just a few years back, that caused her to briefly retire from medicine. She has 30 years of experience treating her own body with a variety of therapies that all have something to offer.


Her dream focuses on the happiness of her family and her patients. To achieve that dream she emerged from retirement to enter a new phase of life where she can even better serve others. “I have suffered and I want my patients not to suffer.” So she views health care from the patient’s perspective. She questions every drug given to a patient with the hope to wean them off excessive chemicals whenever possible and replace and treat the root causes of symptoms by guiding patients to include life changes such as individually tailored exercise, nutritious food choices, proper cooking methods, and mindful meditation throughout the day.


She begins by getting back to the basics with total bloodwork, medical history, weight, and nutrition. This may not be the most profitable approach to health care, but it certainly is the most humane. In Kumar’s philosophy, “Medicine is not for capitalization, it is for helping.” So much of what she does is for prevention so that acute care is not necessary, but when it is, Dr. Kumar employs the latest technologies to save lives.


Fresh back from retirement and at the peak of her knowledge she says, “This part of my life is to focus on my patients’ health and well-being utilizing all methodologies available.” She accepts all insurance as well as having affordable cash prices that will once again attract clients from all over the world.   


Dr. Kumar is available to see patients and takes all forms of health insurance or a $50 cash payment. She is conveniently located in Century City (310) 843-9451.


Michael Douglas Carlin


Century City News

PO Box 34664

Los Angeles, CA 90034

(310) 463.4527


October 19 2017

Anakom koulutus - ja valmennuspalvelut - https://anakom.com/yrittajyysbuusti/
Anakom/ kokemuksia: Nuorten valmennuksen esimerkki englanninkielisestä yrityksen mainosvideosta           
Kokemuksia: Nuorten kansainväliseen työntekemiseen painottuvassa pajassa tekemä esimerkkivideo yrityksen englanninkielisestä markkinointivideosta. Anakom koulutus- ja valmennuspalvelut (www.anakom.com)            

October 14 2017

#hairlosstreatmentLahore :- http://bit.ly/2xFnmjv

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